On Sunday mornings we try to embody the diversity of our community.  So here are a few things  you will notice when you come:

Many people dress casually, but not all.

During our worship gathering you’ll find lots of old things (the Apostles’ Creed is really, really old) and new things (videos, whiteboards, drums).

Every age is represented in our congregation.  We love that about Calvary.

If you’re a first time visitor and you put your name and address in the friendship registry during the service, you’ll have a really friendly person deliver cookies to you!

We like to clap to show our thanks.

We sing many different kinds of music.  It is not uncommon to hear modern and ancient hymns, praise choruses, and gospel songs in the same service.  (We believe it works… trust us.)

Our greeting time during the service is usually a couple minutes long.  And it is not uncommon for people to stay and talk after the service until 12:30pm.

Coffee and cookies happen in the Gathering Area after the service.

Sunday classes run from 11:00am – noon and are available kindergarten through adult.

If you’re still wondering about something, call our office and talk to Sky Chen, she’s really friendly.  Or visit our Welcome Desk on Sunday morning.