Our Consistory; Elders and Deacons

Governing Elders:

Our Governing Elders oversee many of the budgetary, facility, and staffing decisions the church makes.  In doing so, they profoundly shape the direction of the church.  But as Elders they also care deeply about the mission and spiritual health and growth of the people that make up Calvary.

Pastoral Elders:

Our Pastoral Elders are called to nurture the spiritual health of the church.  They visit those who are home-bound as well as listen to the faith stories of new members and those seeking baptism.


Our Deacons try to be the hands and feet of the Calvary leadership.  They work with families and individuals who are struggling and administer funds to assist those in need.  They serve on various ministries within the community.

Ron Alberts '20 (Vice President)
Mark Beelen '18
Trent De Boer '18
Kelly De Witt '20
Judith Emig '19
Krista Klein '19
Nancy Crane '20
CH Falstad '18 
Suzanne Klok '18
Connie Shingledecker '19 
Kerri-Sue Smits '19
Mike Trethewey '20
Amy Babinec '18  (Co-Chair)
Patrick Crumb '19
Lynnette Eding '20
Dan Lam '20
Jeff Minkus '18 (Co-Chair)
Kate Ralston '19