Calvary's Global Engagement Core Values

Holistic Ministry: Christ In all parts of life

We look for partnerships with those who consider all aspects of a person and see and respect the person in his or her cultural context. Our ideal partner is passionate about seeing and seeking God's kingdom here and now, where we are with what we have.


Justice: Actively pursuing Shalom here and now

My actions impact my neighbors, whether they are next door or around the world. We want to partner with organizations and individuals that are cognizant of the need for systemic change confronting long histories of injustice. We also commit to advocating for justice, realizing that our own habits, assumptions, and mindset may have to change.


Mutuality: Teaching and learning, sharing and listening, giving and receiving.

We recognize that when mutuality doesn't happen on all sides, relationships are thrown off balance. We commit to forming partnerships where all sides are intentional about respecting each others' agency, independence, and autonomy in order to develop true friendship across cultural lines.


Indigenous Leadership: Local vision, local action

For too long it's been assumed that the Western church should be up front and in charge, when in fact the best development and evangelism work is accomplished when leadership is indigenous. When members of the local community set the agenda, goals, and direction based on the community's circumstances, history, assets and needs, and outsiders are invited to participate according to the indigenous leaders' design, true partnership is possible.


Long-Term Relationship: A view of the whole future

Our ideal global partners look past the immediate circumstances, and consider the effects that our actions have on tomorrow, next year, and the indefinite future.

We as a church commit to valuing long-term relationships with mission partners and communities over and above short-term, one-time interactions.


We are excited about our developing friendship with Buen Pastor Presbyterian Church in Becal, Campeche, Mexico! Through visits, FaceTime conversations, exchanges of cards and bulletin boards dedicated to each church's news and updates, we are both learning much more about each other and growing together.


Our recent Discovery Time class based on our core values and PovertyCure video series helped us discover some of the negative effects of aid/charity and look at more holistic, healthy ways to partner with the Church around the world through microfinance and local solutions.