A Note on Connection
One of the biggest questions people have is how can I connect with other people at Calvary? We try to provide many activities and event s where you can connect in fun and meaningful ways with people of all ages and backgrounds. Retreats, softball, and church picnics are some of the ways we socialize and know each other. One of the other main ways is through studying and journeying together (check out the Adult Education section in this booklet). How do you find out about these things? We talk about them on Sunday mornings, print them in the bulletin, and put them on our website and social media. If you don’t know, find someone to ask! A great place to find answers is to check out our Hospitality station in the gathering area. On Sunday mornings you will find materials and people to start you in the right direction.

Small Groups
We have multiple small groups at Calvary that represent a wide variety of ages and life situations. Small groups provide a space for sisters and brothers in Christ to come together demonstrating a commitment to worshipping, fellowshipping-accountability and study, to the end that God’s people might truly know what it means to live in Christ and in community. There is a small group for you at Calvary!  If you are interested in starting or participating in a small group, please contact the church office or visit our Hospitality station in the gathering area.