Calvary Lenten Devotional 2015


Over the past year, we have focused our life together on the principle that we are "Created for Community".  That theme has been woven throughout our shared life and we have been challenged and blessed by the way God continues to build us into a more grace filled family of love and faith.

This year, the heart of our community life and worship together will be the challenge for us all to "Go Deeper" in our walk with Christ.  This may include commitments to building deeper Christian friendships, growing in Biblical depth and understanding, deepening involvement and commitment to a ministry or mission, or growing a richer faith and devotional life.

Although the path will be different for each of us, one thing for certain:  God is calling ALL of us to deepen our walk with him.  The question to ask God is "where do you want to lead me this year?"   The question for ourselves, of course, is "am I willing to follow?"

We welcome you to come and join us on this journey!


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